Examination Regulation :

The Examination for the degree of Two Year- Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) shall be open to-

  1. The regular students doing their study in affiliated /constituent colleges to B.N. Mandal University and fulfills the rule and regulations of University /State Government / NCTE/UGC.
  2. A student who has attended at least 80% in aggregate of lectures and 90% of total practical, prescribed in courses of study by B.N. Mandal University.
  3. An ex- student, is one who has failed to pass or was not appear in the 1st year and 2nd year annual examination but fulfils the aggregate % of lectures and practicals attendance. It is necessary that the student will get permission for examination by University before 3 months of the examination on the request and certified letter from Principal/Head of the college concerned.
  4. An ex-student shall be given only one chance to appear in the next academic session.
  5.  If a student will be found to be continuously absent from the class for one month without permission from Principal/ Head , he/she should be terminated from the college. The competent authority of college and University /Vice-Chancellor is free to take such type of action.
  6. The examination for the Degree of Bachelor of Education shall consist-

For Both Years
(a) Core papers – (100×4)=400 Marks(Papers I to V)
(b) Methods of Teaching-(100×2)=200 Marks(Papers V&VI)
(c) Specialization Course-(100×2)=200 Marks(Papers VII A/B)
(d) Practicum-(100×2)=200Marks(Papers VIII&IX)
(e) School Internship-(100×2)=200 Marks

  • 11(vii)The total marks allotted to each theory paper shall be 100. There shall be both external(80marks)and internal(20 marks) evaluation.the external evaluation shall be conducted by University and internal assessment shall be conducted on the basis of pre- annual examination and educational training performance by a committee consisting of teacher of the concerned college and Principal of the college.
  • 11(viii) The University examination in each theory paper will be of 3 hour duration. The candidate will be required to answer five questions out of ten.
  • 11(ix) For the selection of methods of teaching, the student shall prefer to opt two subjects which he/she has studied as Honors or Subsidiary papers at graduation level.
  • 11(x) The external evaluators for PR-I & PR-II will be appointed by the University from the list of examiners submitted by the College. But the list will be not binding for the University. The university can be appointed an examiner outside from the list, if it will feel necessary for the betterment of education/Examination System.
  • 11(xi) The written record of all such works will be submitted at the time of evaluation.
  • 11(xii) A student-teacher should obtain minimum 35% of the marks in the aggregate of all the core & optional subjects in the first and second year separately to pass the examination.

11(xiii) The results of student will be declare pass if he/she will –
a. Get at least 35% marks separately in external & internal assessment of each paper.
b. At least 40% in each practical papers (PR-I & PR-II).
c. An aggregate of at least 40% marks based on all theory papers.
d. If a student does not obtain marks as mentioned above, he/she shall be declared fail and not be entitled to get B.Ed. Degree.
e. The candidate who declared fail in examination, will have the opportunity to reappear in the next examination. However the candidate shall not appear in the practicum – I and Practicum – II, if he/she fulfils clause 11(xiii)(c).
11(xiv) Division shall be awarded on basis of aggregate marks obtained in all the theory papers and practical.
a. Fist division to those who will obtained 60% and above.
b. Second division to those who will obtained less than 60% but more than 50%.
c. Third division to those who will obtained less than 50% but more than 40%.
d. A candidate shall be awarded distinction if he/she obtains more than 75% marks in aggregate.
11(xv) The University examination of B.Ed. will be commonly held in the month of May June every year, although actual date of examination will be published by the B.N. Mandal University in each academic session. A student can be permitted for the University examination on conditions of –
a. He/She will be submitted prescribed application from on or before the date notified by the controller of examinations or university.
b. The application form for examination will be duly recommended and certified by Principal/Head of the College/Dept. with declaration that the respective candidate has been completed 75% of attendance and the college fulfills the norms and regulations of Govt. of Bihar/NCTE/ UGC/B.N. Mandal University.
c. The examination fee will be deposited in a manner as notified by controller of examinations/University.
d. An admit card stating name of candidate and roll no is issued by the controller of examinations, B.N. Mandal University, Madhepura and will be presented by the candidate at the portals of the examination hall.
7. Under Regulation –
a. A candidate who will be passed in all papers accept one get benefits of 5% marks of University examinations as under regulation but if candidate will be passed in all papers except to get benefit of 2.5% marks in university examination as under regulation. The benefit of under regulation will be not provided to students who appeared in examination as ex-student under clause 11(iii).